Parents Don’t Always Pay Attention to the Size of Their Baby

Onesies-Neutral_bodysuitsWhen planning a baby gift registry, some parents are forgetting to plan appropriately for the size of their child. They may not know how big the child will be, especially if they haven’t undergone an ultrasound. But they should be able to guess and try to choose clothes that will fit their baby.

New parents may not realize that not all newborns can wear the same newborn girl clothes and boy clothes. Some of them are much larger than other babies born at the same gestation. They may inherit some tall person’s genes from their family tree and be giants among baby kind. Or perhaps they will be born early and not be as developed and large as the average baby. Preemies, or premature babies, are much smaller than fully developed newborns, and that needs to be taken into account when planning for the clothes parents and their friends will buy.

It’s always safer to just buy a few clothes and focus more on essentials that work for any size of baby, such as a tub, cloths, bibs, toys and such. In fact, to be safe, parents often buy a few different sizes of baby clothes, the same way they would buy clothes for both a boy and a girl just in case they are wrong about their baby’s gender.
It’s certainly not a bad idea to buy baby girl clothes that are various sizes when shopping at retailers like newborn girl clothes. If the clothes can be purchased for a cheap price, then it can be beneficial to buy clothes in a small range of sizes. This not only gives the child some room to grow, but it ensures that they have the right kind of clothes no matter what size they come out as.

Shopping for newborn girl clothes and boy clothes can become expensive very quickly. In no time at all, the cost of the clothing can add up, and it is important not to spend a lot of money on clothes that won’t prove very useful to the baby just because the child is not the size that was expected. Many parents learn this the hard way, but others are catching on and being more cautious about what they buy and put on their baby gift registry.

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