Bulmia Nervosa

Obesity is the most common eating disorder. These can become serious and can develop in to life-threatening situation, if not treated. These eating disorders touch many of our lives including both men and women at any stage. It is difficult to identify where disordered eating stops and eating disorder begins. However, many eating disorders get their start from a simple diet, over consuming of food will lead in to obesity and remain with diseases like stroke, heart problems, blood cholesterol and much more. One of the main types of eating disorders is bulimia nervosa. It has been recognized by the psychiatric community since 1994. Mostly, eating disorders also accompany with depression, stress and anxiety. People with bulimia nervosa are supposed to meet physical illness which may even lead to death. Visit: https://www.nhsheroes.co.uk/

Bulimia nervosa is characterized by episode of binge eating followed by various attempts to purge the food. It is most common in young adults of collage age and some high school students are also at high risk of well-being. People with this disorder may be hard to identify because they keep their binge-purge behaviors secrete and their symptoms are not clear. Some people will affect by this disorder because of genetic factors. Healthy diet and simple exercise can help to control the excess of calorie intake. Females with bulimia nervosa are also more likely to be sexually active than those with anorexia nervosa. In the case of bulimia nervosa, people are usually at or slightly above a normal weight.

Unless people with bulimia nervosa control their food intake can lead to a sense of helplessness. They will recognize their behavior as abnormal. Then the bulimic people often have low self-esteem and are depressed. It can affect the whole life and their loved ones too. Many people report that they have been sexually abused. They would feel out of control, ashamed and frustrated. They could not ease with the society and enjoy the normal days. Parents should concentrate on foods of adults and child to avoid these disturbances.

People of bulimia nervosa tend to be impulsive, while may be expressed as stealing, increased sexual activity drug and alcohol abuse, self-mutilation or suicide attempt. These are all disappeared when treated properly. Personal and emotional care can help the person to get rid of bulimia nervosa and free of complications. To control over eating, food must be consumed in a short time and a person exhibit a lack of control over this behavior. Sufferers of bulimia nervosa usually keep distance from others and spend more and more time in binging and eating. They are left with guilty and depressed and anything.

The best way for this disorder is to engage with excessive exercise for well-being. It is the best effort to control their weighs. It gives advantage to the physical appearance and stick away from diseases. This disorder often followed by vomiting because of over food. No other go, people should control their sugar and fat intake and also carbohydrate. People can concentrate on raw vegetables and fruits instead of cake, sweets, cookies, candy and like. This can also help to stick away from bulimia nervosa and lead a right quality of life.

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